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The power of twitter monitoring

The Power of Twitter Monitoring

During our constant research for Twitter tips & tricks we very often come across stunning statistics that show the impact of Twitter and Twitter monitoring on businesses. The facts and numbers fascinate us and we love sharing them with you. If you follow our blog, twitter and facebook account, you might have noticed that :).


This time we decided to do this in a more fun way and created our very first infographic. Enjoy and share, if you like it!

[Infographic] The Power of Twitter Monitoring


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How Small Businesses can benefit from Twitter

How Small Businesses can benefit from Twitter

Small and medium business owners often ask us how they can benefit from using twitter. To visualise the impact twitter can have on businesses, we’ve created an infographic and summarised this official twitter guide for you. Also the outcome of this twitter survey proves that efforts on twitter can lead to great business success.


1. Engage your twitter target audience

No matter if you are already active on twitter or not, people are already tweeting about you. Now it’s on you to decide whether you want to take part in the conversation, or let an opportunity pass by. Your benefits of joining twitter are:


a) Followers drive sales and recommendations

People are more likely to purchase from a small or medium sized enterprises after they interact with them on twitter (72%).


b) Followers feel an emotional connection to small and medium sized companies

63% of people who follow SME say they follow businesses to show their support and 85% say that they feel more connected to a business when following them.


c) Followers want to be in the know and offer feedback

73% of people who follow SME want to get updates on future products and 61 % want to interact with businesses, share ideas and get feedback.


d) Twitter helps you reach more customers

Twitter can help you find new customers and extend the reach of your messages. Also, it will help you build better and more lasting relationships.


But before you jump right in, you should know what people expect from you. Here’s what your followers want want to hear from you:

Why people follow businesses on Twitter

2. The small business advantage

Your business advantage consists of 3 magic words:

1. Mobile

2. Location

3. Realtime!

More than half of all twitter users access the social network from a mobile device and counting. This growing trend is a real opportunity for an SME, as you can monitor tweets and respond in a timely and helpful way. For example, if a user complains about the long wait at your competing restaurant around the corner, you can tweet back and offer them a table at your own place.


3. Respond, react & retweet

Your followers are some of your most interested customers and you should treat them accordingly. You benefit from the interaction as least as much as they do. The recipe to outstanding twitter customer service is to:

a) reply when somebody tweets about you

b) favourite and/or retweet positive messages

c) thank people for mentioning you

d) react to negative feedback immediately, and

e) surprise customers who did not tweet to you directly with a mention.

These actions will help you build strong relationships with your followers, turning them into loyal customers.


4. Connect with like-minded businesses

Connecting with businesses you admire speaks volumes about your company. It shows the twittersphere that you’re not only there to advertise your own business, but to truly network with peers and like-minded tweeters. It is also a good way to stay informed about the happenings in your industry and to establish yourself as a thought leader in the business.


5. Measure and increase your impact

To evaluate if you are successful consider the following indicators:

a) How many people are favoriting and retweeting your tweets?

b) How many people follow you?

c) How much traffic is coming from twitter to your website?

d) Create twitter-only promotions and see if people make use of them.

e) Ask your existing customers if they follow you on twitter. If yes, do they enjoy it?

Measuring and monitoring your twitter presence is essential and will help you develop more effective ways to engage your target group and eventually grow your business.


Tip! Twitter Ads – Promoted Tweets & Promoted Accounts – are now available for SMEs in the UK & Ireland.


Email Alerts via Twilert

Twilert Agency Plan Explained

The Twilert Agency Plan Explained

Are you monitoring twitter on behalf of your clients or across multiple teams? If so the Twilert Agency Plan is probably the best solution for you.


Here are the key features:



The agency package allows you to share administration of your Twilert account with multiple users. Invited team members will be able to fully manage their twilerts from a central account.



You’ll be able to create delivery groups of email addresses you want to receive email alerts. A very handy way to share monitoring results with your team and clients!


Twitter Searches

This plan includes up to 300 different twilerts, which means you can define 300 different twitter search queries. If you need more, just ask and we will be happy to work something out.


Realtime Alerts

Optionally, you can get alerted within moments of a relevant tweet being posted on twitter. This allows for immediate reaction from your team and will help you provide great customer service to your users.


Searchable History

This is an online archive of all your results. It enables you to get a full overview of your results that you quickly over. Existing users appreciate this feature and use it as their twitter time machine.


RSS and JSON Feeds

If you would like other ways of digesting your results Twilert will also publish them in RSS and JSON format so you can use your favourite reader or work with a web developer to embed your twitlert results into your website or intranet. Another handy way of sharing results with employees or customers.



The price for the agency plan is $97 per month or save 15% and pay $990 per annum.


We are working hard to introduce more new features such as integrating social influence scores and improving geo location targeting. We would also love to hear your feedback if you have thoughts on how we can improve the product.

Any questions left unanswered? Please feel free to contact us at or via Twitter @twilert anytime. We can’t wait to find your tweet in our alert email tonight!


Twitter Monitoring with Twilert

Twitter Search Lead Generation Image

How to Optimise Your Twitter Search for Lead Generation

Twitter is a very powerful social media platform with a lot of potential. You can use it for more than just information sharing and customer service. It is the perfect tool for business development and finding new customers. A recent study by All Twitter found that 82% of all leads generated through social media platforms are referred from Twitter. Here’s how you can use Twilert to optimise your twitter search for lead generation:


Track Hashtags

Tracking Twitter hashtags gives you an idea of what topics are trending in your industry. It enables you to follow relevant conversations and identify potential clients and thought leaders. After you have listened for a while and got to know the participants’ conversational style and rules, you join in the discussion, share relevant information and establish yourself as a friendly expert. This is an ongoing process that requires time, but will pay off. Users will think of you in the situation of a need and will eventually turn into customers.


BUT: Don’t make the mistake to think it is enough to determine one relevant hashtag and rest on your laurels. Trends change quickly and you have to be flexible to keep up.


Don’t assume, test

When it comes to lead generation via social media people come up with various assumptions. Some are sure it doesn’t work for their business, others are certain they know exactly what potential customers want. The safest assumption is that all your assumptions are wrong. Instead, you should try and test. By now you know that Twilert enables you to search for more than just @mentions of your company name. Test different search operators and find the search terms that best suit your needs.


Optimise for Location

If you have determined trending industry topics and relevant search terms, you are ready for the next step: location based search. This is a key factor in the twitter lead generation process. The location filter can lead you to your exact target group.


Best practice example

Say, you’re a real estate agent in Bristol. You found out that the hashtag #estateagent is used by sellers rather than buyers. People who look for a new property seem to use #buyhome more often. Furthermore you learned that your twitter target audience uses the words ‘property’ and ‘to buy’ in their tweets. An effective twitter search query could look like this:


property “to buy” OR #buyhome near:”Bristol” within:30km


Find out what users Complain about and Ask for

You can also go one step further and add a tad more strategy to your twitter search. For example, you could search for users who are unhappy with the services of a competitor, e.g.


“ABC Real Estate” :( near:”Bristol” within:30km


Also, you could directly address users who have questions about properties, e.g.


search new house ? near:”Bristol” within:30km


would trigger results such as ‘My wife and I are searching for a new house in Bristol. Any tips?’. Et voilà, there’s your new business opportunity.


Save tweets with Potential for Future Business Opportunities

Your search results might contain relevant tweets that you can’t serve at this moment in time. However, you might feel this will change and want to store the result for future business. Our Twilert History helps you archive your search results online. That’s pretty handy, considering you don’t have to look through all your emails, but have them saved in one place.


You see, twitter search can be a successful lead generation method if used cleverly. Have you ever used Twilert to find new customers? We’d be happy to learn what measures proved effective for your business.


Lead Generation with Twitter Search and Twilert