When you’re a small social media team, investing in social media tools can often seem like overkill. But what if they could save you time, keep on top of your mentions and make finding leads easier while still remaining within budget? Here are some of the ways Twilert does exactly that and the features that are of most use to our customers in compact teams.

Twitter for Small Teams

1. Get a 24/7 view of your brand on Twitter

A small social media team doesn’t mean a small workload. Even with just one channel, such as Twitter, you are still required to post, monitor and respond to activity that could be happening every day – or even every minute. Twilert has been developed to take the time consuming tasks out of the equation. Just think of it as another member of your team, monitoring your Twitter account 24/7 and letting you know about all of the important bits.

With Twilert you can set up a Twitter alert that will give you a full view of what’s happening around your brand, including when someone tweets your handle (no more checking in every 5 minutes) or even when someone mentions your brand name but doesn’t tag you.

Find out how to set up the essential brand monitoring alert here to save you and your team time.

2. Monitor your industry

As well as monitoring your own brand, you can also use Twilert to discretely monitor what your competitors are doing, what your potential customers are saying and all of the goings on within your industry. From following hashtags, to specific keywords, Twilert gives you the power to cut through the noise and find only the tweets that matter.

This is a serious competitive advantage, that will help you to make more of your social media presence and stay ahead of the curve.

3. Get realtime alerts

Most tweets that matter have a rapid expiration date. This means that if you don’t catch them fast, the opportunity is missed. Twilert gives you the power to set up the alert schedule that suits you; whether that’s hourly, daily or even weekly. For the tweets and keywords that are time conscious or need an instant response, you can set up realtime alerts that notify you as the tweets happen so that you can be first to reply, respond and react.

Twitter monitoring competitor terms

This is a huge advantage for small teams who would not usually have the resource needed to stay on the pulse of live tweets from within the industry, or from customers.

4. Copy in colleagues

If you have more than one person in your social media team you won’t need to set up a separate Twilert account. Our easy BCC function allows you to add a colleague to your alert so that you can both receive the results to your inbox. This makes communication seamless and cost-effective for smaller teams.

BCC team members

It also means that when one member of the team is on vacation or unable to respond, another team member can seamlessly take over the Twitter monitoring and management to ensure you don’t miss a beat.

5. Set different alerts to send to different teams

Alongside our BCC function, Twilert’s Agency account also provides the ability to set up email groups for different alerts. This is great for members of the team who may want to receive specific Twilerts but not all of them. For example, within a PR agency, different Account Managers can set up groups to receive Twitter alerts for just the clients or industries they manage. This saves time, makes the alerts more meaningful to the people receiving them and keeps all of your most important Twitter mentions in one place, for easy access.

If your team would like an easier way of managing your Twitter presence, replies and industry mentions then try Twilert today. With a 30-day free trial what do you have to lose?