Do you wish you could get an alert every time a specific person tweets?

Perhaps you need to keep on top of news happening around that hashtag.

Or you just want to get a more prominent notification when someone mentions your handle.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do just that.

From getting an email alert to SMS notifications and even emergency push notifications every time a specific agency or news outlet tweets, here are three ways to set up Twitter alerts today.

Twitter Alerts by User

1. Twitter Hashtag Alert – Receive an email alert or digest when someone tweets

One of the easiest ways to keep track of any Twitter user, keyword, hashtag or phrase, it to use Twilert to set up email alerts for specific Twitter parameters. We have a free trial period to see if it works for you.

With Twilert, you can set up a Twitter search around anything you like, including (but not limited to):

  • Tweets from a specific user
  • Tweets mentioning a specific user
  • Tweets sent to a specific user
  • A hashtag, or multiple hashtags for twitter hashtag alerts
  • A specific brand name or keyword
  • A key phrase
  • Tweets from verified users containing a specific keyword or phrase
Twitter Alerts

Twitter Alerts

To get started, visit and set up an account using the same login as your Twitter account.

Then, use the easy search box to enter a specific keyword or hashtag you’d like to keep track of.

Once your search parameters are set you’ll see a preview on the righthand side, so that you can check those are the results you want to receive via email alert.


Twitter alert with Twilert


Once you’re happy with the results, select “Next” and choose how and when you want your alert to appear.

If you want to be alerted as soon as a tweet is sent, select “Realtime”. This will ensure that Twitter is being constantly monitored for your results, and that you’ll get an email alert within five minutes of a tweet being sent.


Realtime email alerts


Click “Finish” and check your inbox – you’re about to get a realtime email alert to help monitor your most important mentions on Twitter.

2. Set up Emergency Twitter Alerts and twitter Push Notifications on selected accounts

Did you know that Twitter has its own alert tool, to let you know when a select handful of public agencies or emergency organizations tweet?

Twitter’s alert tool is best served to those looking to be alerted during an emergency situation.

This could be useful for large corporations working in central city areas that may be affected by public safety issues, for journalists looking to monitor the latest news and even for individuals who want to be alerted during a public situation.

Set up Emergency Twitter Alerts

To set up Twitter’s emergency alerts, type the URL into your browser, replacing the handle “FEMA” with the handle you wish to receive emergency notices from.

Unfortunately, Twitter’s original blogpost linking to the participating government organizations no longer works, so it is difficult to clarify all of the organizations taking part.

However, some of those that we tried that worked were American Red Cross, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Federal Emergency Management Agency  and the US Geological Survey.

Outside of these options, your best bet is to try the handle within the URL format and if you see a screen similar to the one below, you’ll know you can receive emergency alerts from that user.

Twitter alerts set up

Once you have found the correct alert select “Activate alerts”, which will begin the emergency alerts as a highlighted tweet, text message or app notification, depending on your Twitter settings.

3. Create Twitter SMS alerts for Twitter Keyword alerts

In a world filled with push notifications, you may occasionally want a text message, to cut through the noise.

There are a few different ways to achieve SMS alerts on specific Twitter keywords or accounts. These are called twitter keyword alerts.

Within Twitter itself, you’re able to set up notifications delivered as SMS messages, however these can only be used to monitor activity around your own account.

4 Steps to Set Up Twitter Keyword Alerts via SMS

  1. To set this up, ensure you have a mobile number associated with your Twitter account.
  2. Then, head to “Settings and Privacy”
  3. select “Mobile” and add a mobile number to your account.
  4. Twitter will send you a verification code to enter to verify your number.
  5. Once verification has been completed you’ll have the option to select notifications for tweet alerts, announcements and follow recommendations, between a certain time.

SMS alerts via Twitter

If you want to receive specific SMS alerts on hashtags or tweets from other users, try a tool such as Text Magic which allows you to convert emails to SMS messages.

It lets you set up these tweet alerts with some setup.

To use this you will need an additional step using either Twilert, or Twitter’s email notifications to then receive these as text messages.

Twitter Keyword Alerts

Twitter Keyword Alerts

Twitter Keyword Alerts

Setting up alerts based on specific keywords is the core alert functionality of any social media platform.

You know that when people are talking about certain topics in conversation they will bring up words that are common in the industry or in the colloquialisms of your market.

Searching Old Tweets with Twitter Alerts

One step you may consider is to start by going and setting up a search old tweets query.

Think about how your potential customers actually talk to each other in real conversation, and try to brainstorm the words and terms they use that would not be understood by those outside of the industry specialization.

These are the best terms upon which you should base your twitter keyword alerts. Setting up these keyword alerts on twitter is easy with Twilert’s query builder.

Get Twitter alerts set up right now, easily

To begin receiving email alerts on your most important keywords and users head to and get one free daily Twitter alert forever.


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