At Twilert, we are always looking for ways to improve the platform and develop new features which will add benefit for our users. These improvements often come out of conversations we have had with customers, user testing groups or growing demands we see in the social media market. This helps us to ensure that Twilert remains the number one Twitter monitoring and alert tool for businesses and individuals.

Our focus over the next 6-12 months is to develop features which will further help agencies and brands to manage their online reputation and we’re incredibly excited about what we have planned.

This week we have implemented the first of the new changes and features which we believe will improve the way you use and experience Twilert.

Read on to find out more…

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Twitter Search Monitoring Tool

New Twilert features

Improved Geolocation filter

One of the things that came out of our Twilert user testing sessions was how important geolocation search is for agencies and brands. For crisis management and lead generation purposes, some users mentioned how useful it would be to have the functionality to pinpoint tweets from a specific street, a landmark or even a shopping centre, rather than just a City or Country. For this reason, we have created a new way for you to pinpoint where you want to find tweets from in our geolocation search filter.

 Zone in on a map

When setting up a new Twilert, users can now circle an area on a map that they would like to view tweets from. If users are interested in the events surrounding a specific area or street, this would allow them to find out what was being said on Twitter in that specific location.

This could be a City, a postcode, or even something as specific as a restaurant or street, as shown in the example below.

Monitor tweets sent from a specific street in the new Twilert

User monitors tweets sent around Oxford Street in London 

Enterprise plan

As well as our Basic, Pro and Agency accounts, Twilert will now offer an Enterprise plan. This has been built specifically with larger companies and agencies in mind, who perhaps need more than 10 user accounts, 100 searches, invoiced billing or any other specific requirements that may not be fulfilled within our other packages.

Our Enterprise packages are a bespoke option, specifically tailored to the needs of the individual company or agency. To talk to us about setting up an Enterprise plan, please email and our team will be happy to talk you through the different options.

Search results preview

As well as an improved onboarding flow, Twilert now allows you to preview the results when you are creating a search. We hope that this will help users to experiment with search filters and get the most accurate results possible for each alert.

To use this feature, just search as usual and then watch the results update live on the righthand side of your Twilert dashboard, as you add and play around with the various Twilert search filters.

Preview your Twilert search results

Live preview on the right hand side shows what your Twilert would look like with the selected search terms

Changes to existing features

Extended free trial

After listening to comments from Twilert customers and user testing groups, we have extended the 15 day trial period to 30 days. We hope that this will allow users to evaluate the service fully and give them time to share the product with colleagues and clients where required.

Changes to the trial process

In order to continue to provide ongoing customer support and to justify the build of new features in the future, we have also made the decision to remove our free post-trial account.

Currently, users are transferred to a free account once their trial ends which gives them access to unlimited email alerts for a single search for as long as they want to keep it. Unfortunately, this service will no longer be available and users nearing the end of their free trial will now need to choose a subscription plan (starting at $9 per month for up to 5 searches and unlimited alerts), to keep the account they have created after the trial period is complete.

We hope you enjoy using the new Twilert features as much as we have enjoyed creating them. If you have any questions please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

You can also start your 30 day free trial of Twilert today by clicking here.