The Twilert Pro plan is our most popular plan with customers (you can view all of the Twilert plan details here). So in this guide, we thought we’d walk you through exactly what the Pro plan is, how it works and which features you need to know about.

Twitter Monitoring Tool for Professionals

What is the Twilert Pro plan?

With any Twilert account we offer a 14-day free trial, to give you a chance to test Twilert’s features and see how you might like to use it as a tool with which to monitor Twitter. The trial we offer is of our Pro plan, so if you’ve already had your trial then may have already used some of the Pro plan’s features! Once this trial ends, you have the option to upgrade to a monthly Pro plan, or another one of our plans, like our Basic and Agency plans, to continue to keep the Twilerts you’ve created and to create new ones!

How much does the Twilert Pro plan cost?

The Pro plan is $19 per month with a monthly account and you can cancel any time you like – no notice required. If you’re thinking about signing up for an annual account then great news, you’ll also get two months for free! Making a year of the Pro plan only $190.

Which features do you get with the Twilert Pro plan?

  • 20 email alerts

With the Pro plan you get 20 Twilert email alerts. These look like the below and are sent via email to your inbox:

Twilert alert

Each alert is able to monitor any tweets within your Twitter Search parameters. For example: Twilert 1 may be searching for any tweets that contain the hashtag #journorequest and Twilert 2 may be for any tweets sent by the user @maryberry and so on, until you reach 20 Twilerts. You can also use complex Twitter search queries such as the “OR” operator, to combine searches and look for more than one set of results within each Twilert. For example, the below Twilert will look for any tweets from the user @techcrunch that contain any of the hashtags: #IoT, #robotics or #automation. This Twilert is looking for three different hashtags but still only counts as one Twilert – clever eh?

Using the OR Twitter search operator

  • Unlimited alert emails

Within your 20 alerts you can receive as many email alerts as possible to ensure you see all of the key tweets you want to monitor. For example, Twilert 1 may send you one email per week, whereas Twilert 4 may be setup in real time and may send you one email per minute! These are all included within the Pro plan and there is no limit on the amount of results you can receive.

  • Daily alerts, hourly alerts or near realtime alerts (every five minutes)

Our Pro account allows you to choose how often you receive your alerts. This could be daily, hourly (at a time you choose) or in near realtime alerts which could be as often as every five minutes.

  • Searchable history

From the moment you set up an alert, a Twilert Pro plan will save all of its history so that you can log in to your Twilert account at any time and view all of the tweets that have been captured. The Twilert search history looks like this:

Twilert search history

You can also use the filters to search within your history or to specify a date range. Please note: if you delete the Twilert you also delete its search history. If you want to finish monitoring a keyword or user, but retain your search history, you can Pause the Twilert instead.


If you prefer to have your Twilerts sent via RSS or JSON, rather than by email, you can simply click on the RSS icon in the Twilert to access a RSS, JSON or ATOM feed.

Frequently asked questions

Can I send my Twilerts to more than one user on the Pro plan?

No, for email groups and the ability to BCC a client or colleague, you will need to view our Agency plan.

For further questions please email us at