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What is Twitter Geolocation Targeting?

Twitter Geolocation Targeting allows you to find tweets that have been sent from a specific location. This could be a country, city, multiple regions or even a landmark or specific venue. This is useful as it makes tweets more contextual and helps business users to find leads relevant to their company and location. For example, if you are a Hair Salon in London, it’s much more relevant to pinpoint tweets from customers around the London area, than those coming in from all over the world.

Twitter Geolocation Lead Generation

How does it work?

Geolocation is the technology which helps Twitter to identify the real-world location of an object that a tweet is being sent from, such as a mobile device or laptop. When a Twitter user opts in to allow location-based services in their Twitter account, Twitter uses GeoTagging to categorise each tweet by location. This then allows users to create a more advanced search query which will track tweets sent from a specific city or country.

Why is it useful?

Imagine that you are a Brasserie located on Oxford Street in London who experiences a lull around lunchtime. You create a lunchtime promotion where visitors can receive a free dessert when they buy a lunchtime meal. You then create a search in Twilert which sends you an alert anytime someone mentions the keywords “where” “lunch” “?” around the Oxford Street area.

Twitter Geolocation being used by a restaurant on Oxforf Street

This provides you with a list of qualified leads who you can follow up with and tempt with your special offer. These are people who are already looking for the service you provide – a simple reply on Twitter could be all it takes to get them through the door.

From a B2B perspective, you might use Twitter Geolocation targeting to find users who are asking for recommendations about a particular product or service that you sell in your region. Or perhaps, you want to monitor what people are saying about an event you’re hosting, from within the exhibition venue.

Twitter Geolocation search used to track tweets being sent from the event venue Excel London

How can I use it?

In Twitter’s advanced search panel, you will find the option to search for tweets either by City, Region or Country.

Twitter's Geolocation Search filter

But if you want a need a more targeted way to search, this is where Twilert comes in.


In the recent Twilert update, we have created an advanced geolocation filtering tool to allow users to pick up tweets from any point of interest or area in the world. This could be a specific country, area, street or something much more specific such as a landmark like The Empire State Building or The O2 Arena.

Using Twilert’s Geolocation filter

With Twilert’s Geolocation filter you can pinpoint an area on a map where you would like to find tweets from or manually type in a postcode, country, street name or any other point of interest you want to monitor. Twilert will then pick out the tweets that have been sent from around that specific area, as they are happening.

Twitter Geolocation targeting for the Rockerfella Centre in New York

The benefit of using Twilert over manual Twitter Geolocation search is that you can create a much more targeted approach. This helps if you’re monitoring an event, specific venue or just looking for leads in your area, where a search by City or Country just wouldn’t be relevant enough. With Twilert you can also save your search as an alert and have it sent to you in realtime or as a hourly, daily or weekly summary. This ensures that you never miss a mention and also saves you hours of manual searching.

Pro, Agency and Enterprise accounts can also save the search history and refer back to the tweets at any time.

Use cases:

– Monitor tweets sent from a specific street – great if you are a Taxi company looking to help users who have been stranded by train services

Twitter Geolocation filter used to track down customers who may need a Taxi

– Monitor tweets from the area around an event venue to see what people are saying in realtime – even when they forget to tag your brand name or hashtag

Twitter Geolocation search used to monitor an event venue

– Find leads relevant to your location-based business

Using Twitter search to find a web designer

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