Having spent time developing and building our unique Geolocation filter, we are sad to inform our users that this now no longer works as it should just to an issue with Twitter’s API.

Twitter Geolocation Issue

This first came to our attention when search requests using our geolocation filter were returning around 0-20 search results, rather than the usual 50 or 100.
Having investigated this issue further and spoken with other developers, we have found that unfortunately there is an issue with Twitter’s API returning location-based results. This means that when you setup a geolocation search, or view the results of an alert you have previously setup, only a few results are being returned, even when there are more available. Understandably, some of our users are concerned about this affecting the results that they see and the number of tweets that they can respond to.

Having previously been informed by Twitter that they would be working to resolve this issue in April 2015, this has not been the case.
The latest response we have received from Twitter personnel on fixing this issue is as below:

“Our team has looked at this, and they’re still considering ways to fix this, both long and short term. I don’t know if it will be addressed in the timeframe [We] previously mentioned, but we are working with the eng team and will post whatever news we hear back on this thread.” (https://twittercommunity.com/t/search-api-returning-very-sparse-geocode-results/27998/66)

We will stay in contact with them and hope to have the issue resolved but unfortunately, until they fix this issue with the API our results are tied to what is being returned.

Apologies for any inconvenience our users may experience in this time and if there are any further updates we will be sure to update you.
Many thanks,

The Twilert team

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