Twitter is the perfect platform for communicating and engaging with a global audience. With 200 million active users posting more than 400 million tweets a day, the opportunities for businesses and brands are colossal. The down side is that everyone knows this.

So, in order to stand out in a crowded market place, companies need to have a fresh and unique Twitter presence – this means crafting perfect tweets. Where to start? Well, here are some things you should bear in mind before you put finger to key…

The Perfect Tweet

Be engaging

Your tweets need to be noticed so think of them as a call to arms. The perfect tweet always begin with a question that will engage your audience. This gives them something to respond to but will also make them access the content of the tweet on a personal level. Ideally, this question should be relevant to their needs and related to a common issue that affects their lives on a daily basis.


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Be human

Give a real voice to your brand by adding personality to your tweets. Avoid corporate parlance and industry jargon. Don’t oversell or use tired sales clichés. Read the tweets of your followers and respond in a natural tone.

Be modest

Don’t pepper your tweets with too much hyperbole. Avoid statements that make you sound like you’re boasting (we’re the best/greatest/first… etc.). You might think you’re amazing, but essentially, this is something that your audience will decide.

Be concise

Save space. Everything can be simplified. Just because there’s room for 140 characters doesn’t mean you need to fill every one. A perfect tweet should be 100 characters and if you need to add a link use a tool such as to ensure that it is only 20 characters. This leaves 20 character for your users to add a comment if they retweet your content.

Be relevant

Links should always relate to the content you have promised. Companies that try to hoodwink their followers into landing on an irrelevant site page will only increase their bouncerate. The perfect tweet should include hashtags where relevant, but choose them wisely and use a maximum of two. Ideally ones that generates traffic but are still relevant to your message.

Be accurate

It sounds obvious but read your tweet before you post! Does it make sense? Could it be written differently? Then, check for spelling and grammar errors – shoddy English suggests a shabby brand.

Be consistent

Twitter is a fast-moving space where posts are washed away in seconds. Your tweets need to consistently grab the attention of users and make them look out for you in future. Look through your own feed. What stands out and why? If you keep your company tone consistent throughout, you’ll grab the attention of your audience and begin to build familiarity.

And finally, relax. Forget the rules and be creative. Sometimes the perfect tweets are the spontaneous ones.

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