With hundreds of social media channels now available, business users just don’t have the time or budget to apply due care and attention to each one. The importance of ROI is higher than ever and companies cannot afford to spend time on a channel that isn’t driving engagement for their brand.

Twilert is great for monitoring mentions and keyword searches on Twitter, but did you know you can also use it alongside engagement hacks to really drive customers towards your brand? See below for our simple, insider tips.

Drive Twitter Engagement

1. Learn from influencers

No one (ethically), gains a large Twitter following without good reason, so by listening to influencers in your field you can soon find inspiration and tips on how to increase your own following. You can easily track a certain user account by setting up Twilerts with the use of search operators such as from:user, to:user and mentioning @user . This will give you insight into particularly ‘active’ Twitter users in your industry and by tracking retweets and favourites you can see how ‘sticky’ their content actually is. Use the learnings to build your own campaign and you’ll soon be on your way to reaching a similar level of follower engagement.

2. Respond quickly

According to this study, 53% of Twitter users expect a response from a tweet to a brand within an hour. Twilert gives you the flexibility to choose how often or when you receive your Twilerts but it’s good to choose an hourly or ‘realtime’ alert for specific brand mentions. Even if the sentiment of some mentions is negative, a quick and efficient reply goes a long way to saving your relationship with that client and shows you are engaged with your customers.

3. Track competitors

Analysing competitor activity is a key part of your Twitter monitoring plan and Twilert can do this for you, saving time and energy that is best spent elsewhere. As well as creating alerts for username queries, as mentioned in point 1, this is where our sentiment analysis search tools come in really handy. By adding 🙂 (positive) and 🙁 (negative) symbols to a username search you can see what type of feedback your competitors are getting. Use this to leverage your own customer service skills and win loyalty – is there anyone you could help or give advice to?

4. Leverage search history

An important time-saving hack for raising engagement is to work out who the biggest influencers are in your network. Twilert saves your alert results, giving you a comprehensive overview of everyone who’s historically connected with your brand or mentioned related keywords. Look out for highly-engaged individuals who regularly share your content or refer you to other Twitter users. Categorise them into gold, silver or bronze customers and reward them or return the favour as often as their level of engagement merits.

5. Use unique keywords

With Twilert you can track keywords and hashtags, giving you instant access to the level of engagement you have had with a campaign. In this instance, the more unique you can make your hashtags the better. Twilert provides you with the option to exclude certain users or keywords from your results by adding the ‘-’ operator, but the more unique you can make your campaigns, the less effort it will take to refine your results. Commonly used hashtags such as ‘#BOGOFF’ and ‘#shoutout’’ are too generic and will pull hundreds of irrelevant results. A unique hashtag or keyword will stick in the mind of users and ensure that potential customers are referred to your brand and your brand only.

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