For those looking to make money online via a social network, channels such as Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook might seem like the obvious place to start. But did you know that many users all over the world profit from initiatives carried out via Twitter?

While some people believe that Twitter is in decline, it’s actually steadily growing. With 330 million monthly active users (that’s a 4% increase over the last year), it’s more popular than Pinterest, Snapchat and LinkedIn.

Like any other social network, the key to being in a position where you can make money on Twitter is to build a following. This won’t happen overnight, so you need to be prepared to put in the work.

With each of the tactics we’re about to suggest, you’ll see a whole lot more success if you’ve got a respectable presence on Twitter. That doesn’t have to mean huge numbers, but it does mean a relevant, engaged audience who like and trust you.

To achieve that, you’ll need to work on the following things over time:

    • Posting relevant, targeted content consistently
    • Networking and engaging
  • Building a brand

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Once you’ve established a following, you can consider your options for how to make money on Twitter. Here are our top 6 ideas:

1. Search for paid opportunities

Twitter is a powerful search engine, and it’s search facilities are under-utilised by many users.

If you’re a freelancer or consultant looking for paid work, or you have specialist skills that you can offer, Twitter search could be a helpful tool.

Start simple with a phrase like ‘looking for a freelance designer,’ as shown in the example below, then click ‘Latest’ to show the most recent tweets containing those keywords.

Try variations, such as ‘need a graphic designer’ or ‘ recommend a freelance designer,’ and act quickly by sending a reply or a direct message to introduce yourself.

For more Twitter search tips, read our full guide on how to use Twitter to find leads.

make money on Twitter

A Twitter search for ‘looking for a freelance designer.’ The results show two recent tweets with that phrase.

2. Post sponsored tweets

Sponsored Tweets, just like sponsored Instagram posts or YouTube videos, are Tweets that a brand is paying a user to publish.

When a user has built up an audience of people with certain interests, relevant brands will pay to tap into that audience and get their products or services in front of them. This is known as influencer marketing.

make money on twitter

An example of a sponsored Tweet from Twitter user @PhillyD containing native video (video that’s uploaded directly to Twitter).

There are agencies, such as Twitter-owned Niche, which connects content creators with brands to help them make money on Twitter.

Alternatively, creators can go it alone and build their own connections, reaching out to brands they’re interested in working with or searching for opportunities online. As a creator’s channel grows, brands will eventually start reaching out to them, and the amount they can charge for sponsored posts will increase.

Influencers or content creators aren’t the only accounts who post sponsored Tweets. They can also come from brands, businesses or established media companies, as shown in the examples below from online magazine The Pool.

make money on Twitter

Examples of sponsored tweets from media company The Pool.

3. Use affiliate links

Affiliate marketing, similar to influencer marketing, is a method brands use to reach pre-existing audiences via publishers. Again, a publisher could be an individual creator or influencer, or they might be a business or a brand.

By posting affiliate links, content creators can earn a commission from any sales made via that link.

make money on Twitter

An example of a Tweet from @emshelx containing an affiliate link for the jumper she’s modelling.

Affiliate marketing is a popular option amongst bloggers and influencers who promote products (commonly fashion and beauty items) by sharing content about themselves and their lifestyle choices.

Some marketers and entrepreneurs also use affiliate marketing to build online businesses. They’ll team up with software companies, service providers, or subscription-based businesses to create content. The purpose of this content will be to introduce, demonstrate, and recommend products or services from the brand they’ve partnered with. In return, they’ll get a commission on any sales.

4. Crowdfund

Crowdfunding is the act of calling upon a large group of people to raise funds, commonly for business ventures and creative projects.

The standout platform for this fundraising tactic is Kickstarter. Since its launch in April 2009, Kickstarter has helped fund 150,647 projects with backing from over 15 million people. In total, $3.9 billion US dollars have been pledged.

If you’re looking to make money on Twitter to fund an idea you have, crowdfunding could be a worthwhile move.

The process involves creating a campaign that outlines what your plans are and how you intend to spend the funds you raise. In return for pledges, fundraisers typically offer pre-specified gift packages to their backers.

make money on Twitter

An example of a crowdfunding tweet from Twitter user @LanaParrilla.

5. Sell products

While it doesn’t offer shopping features directly, Twitter can be a great platform for helping retailers and private sellers reach more customers.

Again, you’ll see more success after you build a relevant, engaged audience. Once you’ve done that, you can use Twitter to share links to products you’re selling on any other site, from Amazon to Zazzle.

Alternatively, you can use Twitter as an advertising platform to help get your products in front of new customers. The targeting capabilities employed by Twitter Ads gives businesses the opportunity to get seen by the right people. Twitter spans a global audience and works in 40 languages.

make money on Twitter

An example of a promoted tweet from @BTBusiness, published via Twitter Ads.

6. Sell a Twitter-related service or product

As you build up your own knowledge and expertise around using Twitter to grow an audience, you may spot an opportunity to create a service or product that can help other people make money on Twitter.

This might be in the form of a course, like in the example below, or an eBook, website, or even an app, for example.

New users are joining Twitter every day and there’ll always be people who are looking to learn from those who have more experience than them.

make money on Twitter

An example of a tweet about a Twitter course from user @DesmondDreckett

Another idea: if you operate a business, you can use twitter to find leads. For example we have many ServPro franchise owner using Twilert getting home restoration leads from twitter

In conclusion, there are several ways you can make money on Twitter if you just give the channel the time and effort it deserves.

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