Twilert is a priceless tool for building, marketing and monitoring your business online, but this isn’t the limit of its power.

Many companies and institutions have begun using Twilert to prevent and protect themselves from external threats. Where previously there may have needed to be a team of staff dedicated to monitoring Twitter for this exact reason, now Twilert can take the majority of this pressure off, and in fact conduct a more thorough analysis.

Prevent PR Disasters on Twitter Guide

Which Search Filters?

The most staple of all of Twilert’s search tools is its basic key term search. For example, if you were a bank wanting to track potential hackers, you’d enter the search terms ‘Hack’ and ‘Bank’. Another beneficial accompaniment to this is the language filter. If you’re wanting to purely find tweets written in English, click ‘filter by language’ and then enter ‘English’.


Once these basic search filters are set up, you’ll be able to get a feel for the sort of Tweets that will be fed back to you.

From this example we can see that several tweets are being flagged which are discussing people’s personal bank accounts being hacked, which isn’t the issue we’re monitoring. So now we can select ‘filter by word’ and ‘exclude: my’, so that any tweets containing the word ‘my’ will no longer be flagged.


A final key filter to note for this purpose is the Geolocation filter. This is especially useful if you have designated individuals or teams analysing threats from specific locations, as Geolocation allows you to hone in on specific cities, countries or even individual streets. If you’re using an ‘Agency’ or ‘Enterprise’ account, these differing searches can then be applied to specific users or groups.


Of course, with Twilert there are many more filters you can apply to your searches such as ‘To:User’ ‘From:User’ and ‘Mentioning: @user’ or specifically searching tweets which include a question.. The options are endless! But what we can tell you is that working together, we can create Twilert searches that’ll help nab those bad-guys for good!

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