Twilert is designed to monitor your Twitter presence around the clock, but will also aid you should you ever find yourself in the face of a social media crisis.

HMV, British Gas and Kitchenaid are just some of the brands who have found themselves in the type of social media crisis that we would all rather avoid. For some, Twitter can make a disastrous situation even worse. Many users will turn there as a place of immediacy, with the expectation that a response will be more instantaneous than phone or email.

Twitter Crisis Management

Unhappy tweet from an 02 customer could potentially spark a social media crisis
For others, a tweet or Twitter campaign itself can be a catalyst for a public reaction, magnified through the rate at which the offending messages can be trending, shared or favourited.

The Kitchenaid tweet that sparked a social media crisis for the brand

However it occurs, a social media crisis can be extremely damaging to a company or individual’s reputation and without the right tools and strategy in place, it can be difficult to regain control.

Below are some of the services that Twilert provides to help you mitigate and minimise the effects of a social media crisis occurring on Twitter:

Near real time monitoring

The worst social media crises, are those that are allowed to gain a grip before the company in question has even realised what’s occurred. Twilert’s monitoring tools will ensure that you receive brand or keyword alerts, hourly, daily or in near real time, depending on the alert frequency you have selected. This gives you a headstart in defining your plan of action and responding to users. This will also help you to pre-empt when a situation is about to escalate, as you will soon notice if your account is receiving a higher volume of traffic than normal.

Email alerts

To effectively manage a social media crisis, you need to have a clear view on how the situation is developing. No matter how large the volume of mentions, Twilert will continue to send you summary emails as often as you have selected, which can also be picked up on the go. This provides you with a constant overview of the situation, helping you to strategise your next move and define a clear plan of action.

Keyword Mentions

Through the different search operators Twilert provides, you can set up various alerts that capture mentions of your Twitter handle, but also keywords and users who mention you indirectly. This gives you a more accurate reading of a crisis situation and shows you where you should be directing your time and energy in those critical first few hours.

Twitter Search History

After a social media crisis has occurred, it is important to backtrack and analyse what happened so that you can minimise the likelihood of it happening again. Twilert’s PRO and AGENCY accounts save all your alerts in the Twilert search history feature, providing everything you need to analyse the event, once things have calmed down. Depending on your response strategy, this will also give you a checklist to ensure you have responded to every user and addressed all of the concerns.

Sentiment analysis

Depending on which package you go for, Twilert subscriptions allow you to set up to 5, 50 or 300 searches, so there is always room to search in a variety of different ways. We recommend using the negative search operator to have a Twilert that will always monitor your feed for unhappy customers. This operator uses sentiment analysis to find customers who have mentioned your brand or keyword with a negative tone. By monitoring this tone, you can respond to unhappy customers as quickly as possible, which could help you prevent a social media crisis occurring in the first place.

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