Twilert Agency Plan Explained

The Twilert Agency Plan Explained

Are you monitoring twitter on behalf of your clients or across multiple teams? If so the Twilert Agency Plan is probably the best solution for you.


Here are the key features:



The agency package allows you to share administration of your Twilert account with multiple users. Invited team members will be able to fully manage their Twilerts from a central account.



You’ll be able to create delivery groups of email addresses you want to receive email alerts. A very handy way to share monitoring results with your team and clients!


Twitter Searches

This plan includes up to 100 different Twilerts, which means you can define 100 different Twitter search queries (no matter how many results there are for each!)


Realtime Alerts

Optionally, you can get alerted within moments of a relevant tweet being posted on twitter. This allows for immediate reaction from your team and will help you provide great customer service to your users.


Searchable History

This is an online archive of all your results. It enables you to get a full overview of your results that you can quickly skim over or search through.


RSS and JSON Feeds

If you would like other ways of digesting your results Twilert will also publish them in RSS and JSON format so you can use your favourite reader or work with a web developer to embed your twitlert results into your website or intranet. Another handy way of sharing results with employees or customers.



The price for the agency plan is $97 per month or by choosing to pay annually,  you can receive two months for free. Sign up now


Any questions left unanswered? Please feel free to contact us at or via Twitter @twilert anytime. We can’t wait to find your tweet in our alert email tonight!


Twitter Monitoring with Twilert

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about 5 months ago Reply

You are right social moneitn is only good for real time searches, doesn't notify, I am finding that google alerts is pretty lame too, Twilert is great like you said and i love adding streams in hootsuite with keywords.

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