Twilert is a digital marketing and pr tool that goes far beyond social media monitoring. One feature that has a lot of hidden potential is the Tweet History Archive. I’m sure you’ve noticed the Tweet History tab in your Twilert Dashboard. Maybe you’ve been wondering how you can use it and what value it might have for you? Allow me to shed some light on it.

Back Up Twitter Search History

The Tweet History stores all your search results back to the moment you created your alert.

You will have received them all via email, however, we additionally provide you with an online back-up which is easily searchable on our website.

This has several advantages for you:

1. First of all, you get a holistic overview of all your mentions at a glance. The official twitter search tool only returns results from the past couple of weeks. Twilert returns results from as far back as you have been storing them.

2. Secondly, you may rest assured that your search results are safe and won’t get lost with an accidental click on delete in your email client.

3. You have got an online record of all customer interactions happening on Twitter.

4. In terms of public relations, the Tweet History serves as an archive of press reviews. Moreover, it features who tweeted what about you as well as all communication between your company and journalists/bloggers.

5. You can use the Tweet History for future lead generation. Say, you work for a UK-based car dealer and there’s a replacement part that is out of stock at the moment. You create a twilert search for “Name-of-replacement-part” ? near:”United Kingdom” to find out who is asking for that part on Twitter. As all tweets will be stored in your Tweet History, you can then contact all potential customers as soon as the part is available again.

6. The Tweet History is also very handy for your crisis management. In a crisis situation it is especially important that you don’t miss a tweet. As every single mention will be stored online, you can be sure to answer all tweets.

You see, the Tweet History offers plenty of options for you and your company. I’m sure you’ll find many advantages of using the online back-up of your search results. We’re always happy to hear how Twilert users utilise our service, so please feel free to share your experiences!

Reliable Twitter Monitoring with Twilert